Audi 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles

4 wheel drive vehicles offer the best traction to drivers and this can be a very important factor depending on the geographical zone you live in. For instance, winters can be particularly harsh on driving conditions and 4wd vehicles can offer the driver better road grip and safety. Again, if you go off road quite often, then you may need the grip of a 4 wheel drive to give you a safe adventure. Basically, for better grip on the road, you need the traction power.

Buying a 4 wheel drive car can, however, be a slightly expensive proposition. All wheel drive systems like those offered by cars made by Audi are an example of superb engineering and there are very few cars that can beat all wheel drive vehicles when it comes to superior handling in difficult terrain and/ or weather. Given the need and popularity of such AWD vehicles, car makers all over the world have come up with some great choices. Mileage, price and features are some of the considerations that have gone into the making of this category of vehicle as well.

Audi Quattro (25 years Wallpaper - Barcelona)

Some of the most popular awd vehicles come from the Audi stable. The Quattro was introduced several decades ago and many believe that Audi is a pioneer in the 4 wheel drive category. It might even be worthwhile to buy a used AWD. Looking at the Audi line up will give one enough models to choose from. The Audi stable is populated by a whole bunch of thoroughbreds. For popularity and affordability, there are the A4 and A6 sedans. Each of these vehicles has some unique features that drive them.

The A6 gives more space than the A4 and has a few engine variants. There is a 300 horsepower 4.2 liter V8 engine, the 250 horsepower 2.7 liter V6 or the 220 horsepower 3 liter V6 to choose from. As far as 4 wheel drives go, the Audi A6, depending in the year of manufacturing can be obtained for even below $ 9,000. The A4 has a 1.8 liter engine that can deliver 170 horsepower. The classic Quattro all wheel drive system powers this car and again, depending on the year of manufacturing, you can get hold of one for around $ 8,000.

2011 Audi A6 - NRMA Drivers Seat

At one point of time, AWD vehicles were not known for their fuel efficiency. Today’s technological advancements have rectified this and given AWD vehicles great respectability when it comes to mileage too. For sure, there is a premium price to be paid but it may be well worth it since this vehicle will give you driving comfort in adverse road or weather conditions.