7 Passenger SUV List

List of Large SUVs that Fit Seven People

A 7 passenger SUV is an SUV which is capable of seating up to 7 people. SUV, a contraption known for it being sturdy and violent strength, is that ultimate car which can promise to present you with an exhilarating experience of driving because it has been designed in that way to endure unfavourable circumstances. The capacity of this car to brave any condition is absolutely astounding and it gives you the reliance on it to cruise through roads even when you cannot see anything on roads that have gone slippery with mud. With travelling in this car, there is absolutely no unfavourable situation dangerous enough. The following seven passenger SUV list possesses all the qualities talked about before.

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List of 7 Passenger SUVs:

Audi –Q7,  BMW X5,   Buick Enclave,   Chevy Tahoe,   Chevrolet Suburban,   Chevy Traverse,   Dodge Durango,   Ford Expedition,   Ford Explorer

Audi Q7: high on the 7 passenger suv list
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7 Passenger SUV list: Audi Q7

To stir appreciation in you, Audi –Q7, which stands first in the luxury 7 passenger SUV list, is the answer you should look for. The makers of this beauty have mixed class and elegance with strength to give Audi- Q7. Its frontal outline is ultra smooth and its gets all its high perfection because of the engine 3.0 TFSI Quattro that it employs to work. The car can proficiently combust and within a few seconds can go travel 245km in an hour. The Audi, having all the latest technology, is one comfy, secured ride where passengers can sit comfortably. No wonder, Audi– Q7 tops this large SUV list!

Other beauty on the 7 Passenger SUV list: BMW X5

BMW X5, the next car in the 7 passenger SUV list, is one which steals many praises from its passengers over the world because it is very comfortable and has been known to function efficiently too . The SUV BMW X5 is one clever piece of design with total satisfaction gained on driving due to it having both eight and six liter engines respectively while the double turbo engines ensure that there is no jerkiness. The car’s framework is thoroughly glamorous with ingenuity at its best and there is enough space for 7 passengers as well. This is reason enough for it to be included in the list of the best family SUVs.

7 passenger SUV list has BMW x5
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Don’t forget the 7 passenger SUV Buick Enclave

Buick Enclave is that vehicle which stands out in the 7 passenger SUV list. It can travel up to 24 miles on per gallon of fuel thus it is very economical as the fuel can thoroughly combust and the car gives its awesome performance. The AWD, which activates when needed, allows the car to be under your hold when the roads are uneven or bumpy. All its four wheels get the power evenly and when the need is greater the wheels give good footing.  The true significance of a SUV is greatly practiced in this category of an automobile making this SUV list.

Cheapest 7 Passenger SUVs

The cheaper SUVs and crossovers like Nitro, Durango and Journey, all belonging to the Dodge class are clearly the choice for most today. It is a car made for family and can accommodate 7 people easily. It has a 4 L engine which drives with a torque of 265 Lb-ft and a 260 horsepower and this why it is a clear winner.

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